Known locally as an aerobic machine, 25-year-old Cam Smith embraces all mountain sports as training to support his burgeoning development as an elite ski mountaineering (SkiMo) racer. Originally focused on running, Smith moved from Illinois to study exercise science at Western Colorado University in Gunnison. Embracing everything the school’s mountain sports program had to offer, Smith began trail running, mountain biking, cross country skiing with the USCSA program, and was convinced by his older sister, who was also attending Western, to be her teammate for the 40 mile Grand Traverse ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen. Flash forward through a few years of dedicated skill development and steady progress: Smith was a member of the  2019-20 US Ski Mountaineering Association National Team  and won two events at the 2020 National Championships, the uphill only vertical race in just under 20 minutes and the longer individual race which lasted 3 hours 48 minutes. (Because of the pandemic and a lack of qualifying events, a national team was not selected this season.) Smith was selected to compete in the World Championships in 2017 and 2019, racing in additional World Cup races in the 2018-2020 seasons. His  best international finishes  to date include an 8th place finish in the team race at the 2019 World Championships in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland with partner John Gaston, and a 7th place World Cup team finish racing with Rory Kelly. Individually, he’s taken 18th in the vertical race at the 2019 World Championships, and 20th in a 2020 World Cup vertical race in Jennerstier, Germany. Remaining fit and sharp, Cam Smith racing on his home trails in Crested Butte. (Photo: Crested Butte Nordic) Alongside his 20-plus hour training weeks (often with astounding amounts of vertical gain), Smith plays a variety of roles within the Crested Butte community, including coaching the masters’ performance groups and youth programs at CB Nordic, assisting adaptive athletes on the mountain through the  Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center , and teaching strength and conditioning classes at a local gym. In related site response to the pandemic, Smith shifted his focus to the well-established local racing opportunities. Instead of chasing a World Cup top-15, he made a goal of setting a new course record on what he calls “The Elk Mountain Classics”: the  Gothic Mountain Tour  in Crested Butte, the  Power of Four  in Aspen, and the  Grand Traverse . Smith also hopped into two of the  CB Nordic town series  interval start skate races, winning each. At the time of our call, Smith had checked two of the three course record boxes: dropping the Gothic Mountain Tour record by over ten minutes to 3:37:06, and the  Power of Four record  by thirteen to 4:15:21 with World Championship partner John Gaston. As cross-country skiers well know, conditions on the day impact the possibility of chasing these records, but the results are nonetheless a testament to fitness and strength. Smith was lucky enough to have the two factors align symbiotically on the day. Given his humble and easygoing nature, he probably wouldn’t tell you about any of this unless you knew to ask. Smith also looked outside athletic development for his season goals. Dedicating his training and race performance at the Grand Traverse to  Living Journeys , a local nonprofit that holistically supports individuals with cancer and their families during treatment, Smith set out to raise $15,000. This goal has already been exceeded; however, if you’d like to support his cause, you can  donate here . It also turns out Smith and his partner for the Grand Traverse, Tom Goth, set a new course record in 6:06:24 on Saturday. Cam Smith striding along and representing the U.S.


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Anyone can file a complaint, but Coudert says the view publisher site idea of bringing the allegations himself “felt weird because I am not … based in the U.S. and I know none of these people.” But after he called out NAS on Twitter, President Marcia McNutt responded: “FILE A COMPLAINT already.” He did so on 21 September, in an email he provided to  , alleging that four NAS members were guilty of sexual harassment: Ayala; Marcy; Sergio Verdú, an information theorist formerly at Princeton University; and Inder Verma, a cancer biologist formerly at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. (Others later also filed complaints with NAS.) Marcy was forced out of the University of California (UC), Berkeley, in 2015 after BuzzFeed published details of the university’s Title IX investigation finding him guilty of sexual harassment, including kissing and groping students. (Marcy repeatedly apologized for being a “source of distress” to women, but disagreed with some of their complaints. He did not respond to  ’s requests for comment on the NAS proceedings.) Ayala was terminated from UC Irvine in 2018, after a Title IX investigation found that he had sexually harassed colleagues including making sexually suggestive comments and inviting a junior professor to sit on his lap. Ayala told   last week that he “absolutely” denies the allegations. NAS Executive Director Ken Fulton wrote to Coudert in November that the academy had begun to adjudicate the cases of Ayala and Marcy.  in 2018 published accounts spanning 40 years from eight women who alleged he sexually harassed them; Verma denied the allegations. Salk also investigated, but kept its findings under wraps. That prevented NAS from moving forward, Fulton implied to Coudert. NAS requires official findings of sexual harassment by an organization with jurisdiction over an NAS member. “The NAS cannot act on the basis of media reports,” Fulton wrote. Princeton dismissed Verdú in 2018 after a Title IX investigation concluded that he sexually harassed one of his graduate students, and a separate probe found he violated a policy prohibiting consensual relationships with students. He has denied both allegations. NAS is deferring action in the case pending the outcome of a lawsuit Verdú filed against Princeton, Fulton told Coudert. NAS has received a complaint of sexual harassment against a fifth NAS member, which is also being held pending more information, McNutt says. (NAS keeps the names of accused members confidential.) NAS has also received three other complaints, alleging bullying, unspecified “non-scientific misconduct,” and raising an authorship dispute.