Pharmacist Kim Labrie, right, prepares to give Gail Gambardella of North Haven the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine Thursday, May 6, 2021, in one of the several open stations at the Yale New Haven vaccination clinic at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville.  (Dana Jensen/The Day) and would stay open to 4 p.m. The scene around noon seemed to provide ample evidence that the federal government’s pause last month on use of the J&J vaccine fueled hesitancy among the public — perhaps over vaccines in general, as well as specifically over the J&J variety. The pause came after the discovery of six official statement U.S. cases of severe blood clots among nearly 7 million people vaccinated with the J&J vaccine, which, unlike its counterparts, requires only one shot. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a second dose several weeks after the first. Ten days after the J&J shutdown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed clinics to start administering J&J doses again. Hesitancy over the J&J vaccine likely accounted for Thursday’s light turnout in the view of Airman 1st Class A.J. Raffles of the Connecticut National Guard, who was stationed at the buffet’s entrance. He said 90% of the scheduled appointments had been completed by noon and that by then he’d screened “five or six” walk-ups. Several people arrived thinking Pfizer was on the menu and opted to reschedule when they learned it was J&J, Raffles said. “Initially, people wanted J&J because it’s one and done, but that all changed after the pause,” he said. “People are apprehensive.” Raffles said he tries to convince people otherwise, telling them the J&J vaccine wouldn’t have been re-released if it hadn’t been deemed safe. “They hear a snippet of the news and they really hang on to it, which is unfortunate,” he said. Sandy McPherson, the Lawrence + Memorial Hospital staff member in charge of the vaccination site Thursday, said the number of people getting vaccinated has dropped off in recent weeks for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that so many people already have gotten vaccinated. Gov. Ned Lamont’s office reported Thursday that 3.3 million doses of vaccine had been administered in the state, including 117,000 doses of J&J. The office anticipates that 70% of all adults in Connecticut will have had at least one dose by the end of the week. Despite the slowdown in traffic at vaccination sites, neither Yale New Haven Health nor the governor’s office say they have any immediate plans to close sites. “We’re hoping for a bump if the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 12- to 15-year-olds,” McPherson said, referring to federal authorization expected next week.


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While today it may be more visible at large corporations, this will change, Collins says. “Additive manufacturing is not just for the Boeings and Lockheeds of the world,” he says. In other words, he thought manufacturers may have been using the absence of standards as somewhat of a crutch when they say they aren’t able to use additive. Once a standard is released they will not be able to fall back on that excuse. As the industry continues to grow, the challenge will not be lack of standards. It will be learning about how to get started. One standard deserves particular attention, Collins says. It’s ISO / ASTM52941-20, Additive manufacturing — System performance and reliability — Acceptance tests for laser metal powder-bed fusion machines for metallic materials for aerospace application. “This qualification/calibration of powder bed fusion machines for aerospace applications is kind of a bellwether for us,” Collins says, “as it sets the groundwork for factory acceptance tests, new equipment that comes into the market. It’s an important standard, the first of its kind in the additive manufacturing space.” Meeting the requirements of the quality system is the goal of additively manufacturing parts, Collins says. As aerospace quality needs to be top-notch, these parts must be the highest level of quality. “Additive manufacturing is considered a special process,” Collins says, “material properties and the part come together at the same time. Slight variations in the process have dramatic effects on the performance of the part. We have to control all the variables and be able to reproduce materials and create materials the same way.” This requires looking at initial quality, operational quality and part quality. And for those looking to get into additive, they have to know how to qualify the process, Collins says. Source: AlexLMX / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images. Standards continue to move forward, but it can be a lengthy process. “Standards development is a volunteer army,” says Carl Dekker, a past chair of the ASTM F42 committee on standards for additive manufacturing as well as the president of Met-L-Flo. “The majority of it still needs to come from a members’ consensus basis.” With ISO, he notes that this may be a two-year process to ensure errors are caught and that the standard has value.